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The Holistic Regenerative Innovative Value Enterprise (THRIVE) framework and platform, and the Sustainability Performance Scorecard (SPS) tool and Ciambella Charts (CCs) are built on the framework for strategic sustainable development and highlight how speed, scale, and scope are an integral part of our transformation to thriveability. CCs are an evolution of the concept of Planetary Boundaries and Doughnut Economics, integrating thresholds and allocations (context-based measurement) across multiple capitals. It also supports weights and scale-linking across each layer at various levels of aggregation from the nano to the macro scale providing the basis for a useful and meaningful backcasting tool. CCs are visually descriptive, intuitively understood, and allow for quick comparisons and easy identification of critical impacts through the manipulation of interactive levers. Importantly, each level features its own unit of analysis, such as business model (BM) for enterprises, and choice of taxonomy (e.g. SDGS, GRIS, SSI etc) and formula engine (method of computation such as extended geometric mean). Furthermore the datagrid allows access to sub-topic datapoints for clearer understanding of how the score comes about and for the analysis of individual impacts on a topic by topic basis.

Enterprise Level: Sustainability Performance Scorecard (SPS)

Enterprise Level: Performance Grid

Industry Level: Sustainability Performance Scorecard (SPS)

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